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Pure Water Cleaning Explained

High Reach Poles

almost eliminate the use of ladders,our use of ladders is only to gain access on some properties. Ladder use results in up to 20 fatalities per annum and approx 1500 accidents. The use of  poles allows the operative to remain on the ground and hence much safer,and at the same time meeting the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) proposals on working at height. This proposal states "Avoid working at height so far as reasonably practicable, if it is not necessary to work at height, don't." By employing us to clean your windows with the pure water high reach pole system, your conscience can be clear that you are employing a company that uses the safest window cleaning systems available today.

Pure Water

is an imbalance of two Hydrogen and one oxygen atom, forming a molecule, hence the name H2O. This pure water atom (Molecule) imbalance creates a desire to return to its natural state of balanced atom numbers. It is through this process that all impurities are absorbed (like ink to blotting paper) leaving your windows to dry naturally to a spotless, steak free finish! Hence our company name -  "Clean and Clear Window Cleaning Services"  If you are a little sceptical, let us clean your front windows free of charge and compare the results. "Seeing is believing"

Have you ever wondered

why the inside of your sealed units seem so clean? The reason is the use in manufacture of Laboratory pure water containing 0 parts of dissolved solid matter per million parts water to rinse them clean. This same quality of water is what our cleaning system uses, and the quality of the water is regularly tested with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter.

Superiority over traditional cleaning is achieved due to the sterile state the windows are left in after pure water cleaning, making future dirt contamination a much slower process. Traditional detergent cleaning leaves a sticky residue, allowing dirt contamination to return much more quickly. Another added benefit is your frames get a clean as well, not a quick wipe over with a dirty cloth but a scrub and rinse with clean pure water.

Enviromental advantages

are realised too! Pure water is exactly that (with no added chemicals as found in detergents). So! No danger to your delicate plants, animals and most of all you and your family. The majority of the 180,000 window cleaners in the United Kingdom are still using detergents to clean windows, with a potential use of up to half a kilo of detergent in a day. Imagine all that detergent returning to the ground and polluting the water table. Pure water use is the only choice for the enviromentalist and those who genuinely care about our planet.

Your Privacy

is taken care of as well. While using an upper room i.e. bedrooms, bathrooms and changing areas the last thing you want is a window cleaners head popping over the window sill. With our high reach pole system, we remain on the ground thus avoiding any embarrasment for you and the window cleaner and of course preserving your modesty.

No ladders

used also means no large holes left in your prized lawn or borders. Commercial Ladders are also very heavy and can potentially cause damage to your property while the cleaner manoevers them into place. Poles by contrast are very light in structure due to the materials used, generally glass or carbon fibre or a light metal alloy.

According to HSE Proposals

for Work at Height Regulations, the consultative document issued by the Health and Safety Commission states:  "Avoid work at height so far as reasonably practicable If it is not necessary to work at height, don’t. For example, it may be possible to assemble a structure on the ground and then lift it into place using the appropriate lifting equipment; or pole-cleaning systems may be used for cleaning windows so that the work can be carried out from the ground."


of several thousand pounds is needed to set up a professional high reach pure water window cleaning system. Anyone who invests to this degree, clearly treats cleaning windows in a professional manner and this will be reflected in the service you receive. Your investment will be in choosing Clean and Clear Window Cleaning Services and take the 'Pane' out of having your windows cleaned.